Branding / App Icon / 3D / Animation / Illustration / Art Direction

Challenge was to creating a vibrant icon and logo to help RedBull Media House promote the launch of their new mobile game 'Bike Unchained' on iOS and Android.

The logo features a bicycle crank as the central part of the logo, combined with a connection to nature and the games adrenaline fueled fun, in order to create a logo that represented Bike Unchained to its audience.

Animated logo as it appears at the end of game trailer.

Logo design progression.

Final logo design.

Storyboard for the animated version of the logo.


Elements for the final logo were created in Illustrator then exported to Cinema 4D for modeling and texturing before being finished in Photoshop. The logo model was then animated in Cinema 4D and then exported to After Effects for post production - lighting effects, motion blur, dirt and grit.

App Icon concept sketches and finished Icon. An illustrator was hired to produce the finalised artwork.