SONY PlayStation Store

Campaign / Illustration / Art Direction

I worked in-house at PlayStation working as the lead creative on all the main digital store campaigns for games, movies and music.

Each campaign featured unique branding and creative that had work in over 14 Territories covering Europe, Russia, Middle East and Australia, and on a large array of formats and devices - PS4, PS3, VITA, Mobile and Desktop.

Working with the marketing and merchandising departments I produced artworks that helped successfully promote sales of games movies and music through the various digital store channels.

Monster Collection - a selection of Monster themed films and games suitable for family viewing.


The logo was created in Illustrator then exported to Cinema 4D for modeling, texturing and hair-izing before being finished in Photoshop. The logo was replicated in 14 different languages.

Low budget, but fun and creative

Store campaigns had to be formatted to appear on a wide range of devices.

Big in Japan - Campaign promoting games that are popular with Japanese players

Illustration work for Amazing Anime campaign

12 Deals of Christmas, Euro and UAE versions - shows how a campaign could be customised to better target different territories

Music unlimited template


I took photos at Highgate Cemetery for texture and background. Friendly colleagues were used as zombie hand models. The pictures were comped together in Photoshop. 14 language versions of the logo were created in illustrator.

Download and Play logo lockups for marketing promotional messaging, in-store and on-line

HTML5 format banner template

Tiny icon people for sale campaign, each one modelled on a staff member